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Fernando Botero is a renowned Latin American artist with a unique approach to all of its masterpieces. In his works of art, humans, animals and objects are all exaggeratedly created, their proportions are overstated. His portraits reveal the corpulence of human bodies. This Colombian artist bases all of his creations on figurative art which means that he creates art from representational objects. Fernando Botero was born on April 19, 1932 in Medellin, Colombia where he started his career as an artist. He later moved to Bogota, Colombia where he presented his first exhibit. During his early years an artist, the artist acquired a Baroque style but he later changed it to an abstract one. In the 1950’s, Botero traveled to Spain and France to enhance his understandings of art and there he became fascinated with Velázquez and Goya’s work. He was also influenced by Mexican Muralism, an artistic movement presided by Diego Rivera.

Fernando Botero refers to Colombia in many of his paintings by bringing together landscapes, natives and even political figures in many of his works of art. In his masterpiece, Manuel Marulanda- Tiro Fijo, Botero incorporates exaggerated proportions, a key element in all his works, and the image of the leader of the Colombian guerrilla, the FARC. Manuel Marulanda - Tiro Fijo was painted in 1999 and is exhibited in the Colombian Library Luis Angel Arango. There are about a hundred of Botero’s works of art in the museum of the Luis Angel Arango Library, among them, sculptures, paintings and drawings.

In Manuel Marulanda- Tiro Fijo, Fernando Botero depicts the portrait of the head of the FARC, he even paints the military attire and the handkerchief Manuel Marulanda always had lying on over his shoulder. The setting the artist chooses for this work of art goes accordingly with...