Both parents working: The impact on children

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Children grow and develop, becoming our future citizens. Many children today can relate to the fact that their parents have a paid job in addition to their parenting commitments. The proper care and bringing up of children is a controversial issue. Changes in family structures, employment patterns, and expectations of parents is what makes children's care an issue. Through this report the positives and negatives and the external and internal influences on families, while both parents are working, will be investigated. This report will also be recommending on how best to manage children's care arrangements to enhance the positive effects while limiting the negatives effects.

A certain action may be considered to be best for another person but not preferred for oneself. Children can spend as many hours in childcare by the age of five as they will spend in school over the next twelve years. (Cook, 1999) Therefore the experience needs to be a positive one.

Children spending these alarming hours in childcare results from parents working long hours everyday, this being the only choice they have. For most parents the financial need to keep working meant they continued despite the feeling of dissatisfaction. (Lewis & Tudball, 2001). There are also many women who are forced to return to work when their babies are only weeks old. (Courier mail, 2004)

An important aspect of a child's world is the parent-child relationship, and one central feature of this relationship is the infant-mother attachment. (Cook, 1999). It is very important for early intervention of warm and responsive care giving for children, as outlined in a study done on early brain development. It is important to promote and provide optimal care for young children. Early brain development depends on how a child is nurtured. Positive nurturing care and love to a child...