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Personal Boundaries.

According to the Webster's Dictionary, a boundary is anything marking a limit (Agnes, 69). Therefore, personal boundaries are limits set by an individual for him or her self. Personal boundaries can determine decisions, the proper degree of concern, our source of motivation and a sense of responsibility. Boundaries also serve as an important role for us by influencing the way we self-identify and characterize relationships. This is extremely evident in our families and cultures.

When we see a baby in their mother's arms, we see two people, the baby and the mother. However, the baby sees no difference, and no boundary between themselves and their mother. A newborn is one with their mother at birth and for an extended time after. Babies have no real sense of who they are, but over time they being to grow and to notice where their skin ends and their mother's skin begins.

This is our first boundary, and the beginning of our sense of self.

I was raised in the American culture and by American beliefs and values. My parents raised me under the notions of being considerate and respectful to others, communicating effectively, expressing my individuality and being confident. At a young age, I was encouraged to show my feelings, make lots of friends and follow my dreams. I remember when I reached adolescence; my mother explained to me that I might not get along with some children at school. She told me that a few people might not like me for any reason whatsoever. At the time I didn't understand, I felt that I wouldn't fit in with the rest of the kids if this were to happen. I then went through a period of being a class clown to feel accepted by my peers. After this my...