The Bourbon Reforms in Mexico

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The Bourbon Reforms

In this article "La epoca de las refromas borbonicas y el crecimiento economico (1750-1808)" we are able to see how the bourbon reforms brought by Jose de Gálvez changed the course of Mexican history. We see economic, political, social and cultural changes that and be studies and related to Mexico's present situation.

The new Bourbon administration took power in Spain in 1707, however it was not until Charles III that the Bourbon Reforms took effect. The principal objectives of these reforms were to centralize government authority, create a much more modern bureaucracy, and better the economy, both in the homeland and in the colonies. It must be noted that these reforms were not to restructure the colonies and better them, there were put in effect with the sole purpose to profit Spain.

During this time in Mexican history we see significant changes that can be seen as a collaborator in the paving of the way to independence.

With an authoritarian type of government Spain decisively went to New Spain to once again regain direct military control and improve its efficiency in order to increase revenues for itself. This resulted in tighter control, alienation of Creole elites, and finally indigenous rebellions.

Economic Reforms

Many measures were taken to secure the increase in the economy that Spain desperately needed. Free trade was encouraged, New Spain was allowed to trade with the other colonies of Spain as long as it didn't compete or impede with the commerce of Spain. Of course Spain made sure to have a greater control on ports and products that were exported and imported. I believe that this was of huge importance due to that this allowed them to not only share products and recourses, they were now allowed to venture out and share ideas. More...