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"I woke up one morning and found myself famous" - Lord Byron

Lord George Gordon Byron was described as the first 'celebrity', he was notorious not only for his romantic poetry but for his amorous lifestyle. He was also seen as a hero of the Greek War of Independence. Byron has been viewed and understood differently depending on his context and audience.

Lord Byron was arguably the most famous and widely read poet during the Romantic period. Between the 1810's to the 1820's he was among the most famous men in all of Europe. Byron was adored by much of the English reading public but many literary critics and member of the English ruling elite felt that Byron's poems were too radical. They also believed that he was immoral and politically dangerous, given his high social position. Many writers like, James Joyce, T.S. Elliot and Virginia Wolf praised his poems for their originality, lyricism, depth of emotion and intellect and brutal honesty.

Byron's poetry was adored my many and still is in modern society.

Byron was renowned for the number of women he managed to seduce in his short lifetime. Referred by one of his lovers, Lady Caroline Lamb as "mad, bad and dangerous to know". The life of Byron was what people wanted to know about. He was a favourite amongst London society. There was a public outcry to the supposed incestuous relationship. This was too scandalous for Byron to handle, which would lead to Byron leaving England forever. Byron's private life was just as well known as his poetry.

The Greeks were and still are very fond of Lord Byron. Byron was seen as a hero to the Greek during their war of Independence. He helped them financially then decided to join them in battle. In a...