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BOXING Boxing is a very beneficial sport and it can also provide many rewards as well as a great deal of fun. I can relate to the examples I am about to provide because I am a boxer myself, and in having that kind of experience, I know of all of the benefits, and at the same time, I know of all of the unfavorable things.

One of the most beneficial things about boxing is the sheer fact of the major athleticism of the sport. If you box, there is a very small chance that you can be unhealthy. When you practice a sport like boxing, the cardiovascular effects on your body are incredible, as are the muscular effects. You gain endurance and agility, and these are not only good to have while boxing, but they are just as essential in everyday life, and at the same time you also lose weight and gain muscle mass, which is very good for your health.

Some people see boxing as a harsh sport, which only involves two people trying to harm each other as much as possible, but this is not how it really is.

Boxing involves very good sportsmanship. If you watch ANY fight on television or actually go to see a fight, one thing that you will notice is at the end of a fight, the two fighters will always either hug each other, shake hands, or show some form of benevolence. This shows how boxing is not just a vicious act, but an activity in which two people fight and do try to harm each other, but at the end, they can still look past everything and look at things like how their opponent fought and other aspects of their fight.

Although, what boxing really is, is healthy competition. One of the other major benefits of boxing is not only the health factor, or the good sportsmanship, there is also another reason that boxing is so beneficial, and that is the opportunities.

The opportunities in boxing are many. These include winning, because as everyone knows it is one of the natural human instincts to have the desire for competition and to win, and to get a chance at that really turns people on about boxing. Another opportunity is the chance to win money; this is one of the only reasons that some people box. Also, one of the other big opportunities is the chance of fame. Society loves to get the chance at being looked at by others and adored. This is not how it is for everyone, but for the majority this would stand true. People love it when they walk out from behind a door or curtain (as the case may be) and hearing that crowd just roar. It gives you a huge jolt of adrenaline; it's a feeling like nothing else. So now it is clear, and the case is made, for the fact that boxing actually is a beneficial sport.

I have now shown why boxing is beneficial and why others play it. To prove this I have given reasons regarding the important fact about the health involved, the sportsmanship within the sport, and the benefits that boxing really has to offer. As I mentioned before, I can tell of these things because I have experienced them, and that's how I know about the inner workings. If I was to make a suggestion, I would say that if a person wanted to spice up their life for one reason or another, boxing could be very beneficial to their life as it has been to mine. So give it a try.