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Business Name & Logo: C-XTC

The plan for C-XTC is to open up a club that no other club has done, there is a new area up for sale on King Street city of Sydney which I desire to open my club. C-XTC will be a new club opening in the city with many competitors, but C-XTC will try and eliminate the local clubs around them by producing high quality and immaculate service for consumers. C-XTC will be operating a club and fine dining restaurant with exquisite Vietnamese food. C-XTC will be implementing the five functions of the business which are situational analysis, operation, marketing, finance and human resource (HR) to make the business plan successful. In this plan I will outline the vision of C-XTC, legal structure of the business, prime function and business goals. I will also be outlining the situation the business is in by showing how the operation plan will work, how marketing plan will help gain customers, also finance to show the budget for each week/month and money being spent on material to operate and human resource to show how employees work and be hired, finally future prospects to see if there are any opportunities to expand the business.

Vision Statement:

C-XTC is an exclusive night club which offers customers a range of different rooms that will make customers satisfied. C-XTC will offer a service that other clubs don't offer to customers, and will also be able to see their favourite DJ's and artist perform live. At C-XTC you will feel the warmth and good vibe where it makes you feel relaxed and having an enjoyable time. C-XTC also offers customers with high quality class food during 11am-4pm and 5pm- 10pm...