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Due to the Enlightenment, many modern day ideals formed such as freedom of religion, separation of power, and natural rights. The enlightenment ideas were a sense of motivation for the revolution. The French used many concepts from the enlightenment as their backbone to gain independence and build their government. Two main enlightenment thinks that influenced the French Revolution were John Locke and Montesquieu. Locke and Montesquieu's ideas created a huge impact to the French revolution.

Due to the rise of the middle class, the middle class had more opportunities to learn allowing the middle class to be exposed to the enlightenment ideas. Many new countries used the enlightenment ideas as a support for their countries. A prime example would be America. The American Revolution showed the people of France that enlightenment ideas could be used in the government. Montesquieu was a philosophe who was born into a family of nobles.

Montesquieu had a strong belief in separation of powers. One of Montesquieu famous work is The Sprit of Laws. Montesquieu compared three governments. The governments he compared were Republic, Monarchy and Despotism. Montesquieu loved how the British set up a Constitutional monarchy but with different branches. The English government is spilt in a legislative, branch, and judicial branch. He believed the perfect government for France is a Monarchy. France used Montesquieu's idea of a monarchy but with the separation of powers. So France created a Constitutional monarchy. Montesquieu was able to help France create there first government during the French Revolution.

John Locke was an influential character in the French Revolution. John Locke was an English Philosophe who was an advocate for Natural Rights. John Locke had a big impact for the people to rebel and also he influenced the writers of the Declaration of the...