A Boy in a Cold, Rainy Day & A Boy Visiting Space

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One day there was a boy on a rainy day. It was very cold outside and he didn’t have a sweater, jacket, or rain coat. Then, he went to school late. His 1st period teacher yelled at him and made him call his mom for not having a coat. The boy was confused, because the teacher doesn’t have to yell at him for his options on what he didn’t bring that is not necessary for school. So he called his mom and told her why the teacher yelled at him.

The mom was mad about the teacher yelling at him for not bringing his coat. His mom was also mad because the boy was going to get sick. So the mom ran to her car with a coat for the boy and drove to the school. It was raining so hard that she didn’t know where she was going. Then she pictured the boy out in the rain getting sick.

It felt like a flashback to her although it didn’t happen yet. So she stepped on the pedal even harder. Out of nowhere she saw her son on the sidewalk and then the car got out of control. Sadly the car headed right to her son and killed both of them.

The EndOne day there was a little boy. He loved space, astronauts, and spaceships. His dream was to go to outer space. When he grew up, he became an astronaut. He heard that the next day he was going to outer space. Everyone was excited and happy for him. Then finally the day came, he got onto the spaceship and flew off. It was only him so he was excited. Days past and he landed on Saturn because he ran out of spaceship fuel. He put on his spacesuit and got out. Hours past and he felt dizzy and drowsy. He couldn’t breath! He ran out of oxygen and died.

Years past and now in the year 2901 people living on Saturn see his rotten body in a museum. Many people make up stories of the body. A lot of people think it’s fake. Although it is real, nobody on that year knows the true story.

The End