This boy's life

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This boy's life

Desperation and self- reconstruction would be your only choice when you see everything around you breaking down. Tobias Wolff gives out to the audience the meaning of this through his novel, "This Boy's Life". Jack Wolff being the main character is a boy who is victim of domestic violence, alcohol abuse, criminal activity and emotional neglect from his mother, Rosemary Wolff, mother of jack is adventurous, she loves her son but there is cases where she let herself carry away by her boyfriend Dwight which in this novel he is more like the antagonist or villain who steals jacks happy childhood, abusing of his adult power to manipulate jack to do thing he wants.

As jack grows up he goes through a lot of self- destructive moments that take away his childhood fun, due to that his mother is always trying to run away from the problem.

"it was 1955 and we were driving from Florida to Utah to get away from a man my mother was afraid of" said jack as him and his mother where driving away from where they lived. This shows how jacks mother runs away from her problems and that is her only solution at the moment.

Jack and his mother Rosemary have moved and have now started a life away from all the problems they had back in Florida, but there is a turning point where one of the abusive boyfriends of the mother catches up. "He waited outside until she go off work, the he followed her home to keep her in sight" said jack as his mother boyfriend is standing outside of his mother work creating a suspense environment for the reader, making them wonder the reason why he does that.

Due to all...