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Essay by lukecasley November 2004

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Kissing is always the starter and it's tough to get anywhere unless you appear keen on it and are not bad at it either. Here are some tips for young punters;

First and most important rule... GENTLE! Don't get carried away you aren't in yet.

Open mouth isn't always necessary, use it only sometimes.

When you use your tongue, use it softly and also use strokes.

Kissing on the neck is awesome, the ladies love it.

When kissing someone try having your back of her head, fingers through her hair is a good move too.


Don't grab breasts hard be gentle

Have a go at teeth on nipples (Note to self: DON'T EVER BITE HARD, EVER!)

Don't be all over girls... like when your making out hug but don't try not to be close and to tight unless we initiate it... smothering is a big turn off

Unless you've done action before, never feel up her puss from the outside.

She won't love it.

Techniques for self-endurance

All these things can help you last longer and also to control when (and where ; D ) you spray.

How to see the signs that you're about to spray:

The stop-start method is a form of training the man to control his ejaculatory reflexes and to better understand and measure sensations from sexual stimulation.

For this method, you stimulate yourself until you need to stop, before spraying is inevitable.

When you feel like you have regained control, you will continue stimulation until you need to stop again.

After this cycle is repeated three times, you are allowed to finish it off on the fourth cycle.

After this you should be able to tell when you are about to spray and realize when you need to stop or slow down...