Boys - A Comparitive

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It is hard to go through high school without being labeled. It is not only a time of stereotypes, but also a time where teens think they are the supreme knowledge of the world. They also pride themselves on their ability to analyze people based solely on first impressions. This is true for guys and girls. Boys are typically easy to understand, unlike girls. Most fall into three general groups, they are as fallows: the Jock, the Slacker, and the Dork.

To be a Jock, one doesn't necessarily have to be a CIF Champion runner or first string Receiver on the Varsity football team. These boys don't always have to live and breathe sports. They are Jocks because of their attitudes and the way they dress. You recognize them because they stand with their hands in their pockets or arms folded, baseball cap on backwards, and they are always sporting both blue jeans and a white t-shirt, or some surfer name brand of clothing.

They often have their hair cut short, sometimes spikes, but generally they just rub gel in there and hope everything turns out okay. Jocks are those guys in class that sit in the back and have a comment about every little thing. Their egos often leave room for no one else in a conversation. They are sarcastic, critical and pick on every other guy just to reassure themselves that they are the biggest and the baddest in school.

Another breed is the Slackers. This group encompasses not only the average Slacker, but also the Skaters and the Punks. These boys are identified solely by the way they dress. The skaters wear their pants at their knees, have multi-colored boxers, never tighty-wighties, and huge shoes by an established company like VANS, Globe, or Etnies. Their clothes are...