Boys/ girls discrimmination

Essay by smath March 2006

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Who do you think has it easier, guys or girls? In my opinion it's the girls. In many instances girls can get out of things simply because they are female. Girls can get out of trouble with the cops, get out of the hard work at work, and usually aren't the ones paying for things.

One example of how males are discriminated against is that girls can easily get out of trouble. I discovered this living in Dewey for three months. Many times at the beach this summer the 20 year old seasonal cops would come to parties since they could hear them from the street. The majority of the time they would just demand us to turn down the music or for everyone to leave who did not live at the house, but we found that when we had one of the guys answer the door that the cops would be more serious and mean.

The times that the cops did come into the house to search and bust people for underage drinking they usually went to the males first.

A second example of this is speeding tickets. When girls get pulled over they are most likely to get out of a speeding ticket than guys are, in my opinion. All a girl has to do to the right cop is cry or flirt. The only time I got pulled over, for running a stop sign, I got out of it because when the cop took my license and information back to his car my friend Missy told me to start crying. Although this is not fair to males, I use it to my advantage.

Girls also get out of doing hard manual labor at work. Some girls may complain that they are getting treated unfairly, but I do...