The Brain and Behavior

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The Brain and Behavior Essay 1

The Brain and Behavior Essay

Michelle Sawyer



The Brain and Behavioral Essay

The brain is the most complex organ in the body. The human brain is very unique. There are different sections of the brain and each section has a unique job. The brain can control a person's mood, the organs, and hormones and how the body moves and operates. This paper will describe two parts of the brain, the frontal lobe and the temporal lobe and how they relate to human behavior including the effects of heredity. It will also contrast the two sections as they relate to behavior. It will then describe what could happen if there is damage to the specific lobes.

There are five different sections of the brain. The brain is also divided by two hemispheres, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. Each section has its own unique ability to control how feelings and how the body functions.

The five sections of the brain are called the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, the cerebellum and the temporal lobe. The two parts of the brain described in this paper are the frontal lobe and the temporal lobe. These two parts of the brain are very important because they can control how a person communicates and uses information.

The frontal lobe is located in the front of the brain. It is associated with higher level cognition, reasoning, motor skills, and planning. It is what gives the person sense of self and control of movement. The frontal lobe is actually two lobes acting as one. The primary motor cortex is located at the rear of the frontal lobes and connects the two. The primary motor cortex is what controls movement of the body and contains mirror neurons. These...