Brancusi's "Bird in Space"

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Bird In Space

This piece, which stands in the center of a modern art room, commands everyone's attention. It is a "half-moon" shape, on a conical base, with a cylindrical bottom. Brancusi, the sculptor, was focused on a bird in flight. He focused, however not on the physical traits of the bird but rather, on its movement. This piece seems to be just ready to leave its base and fly into the sky.

In "Bird in Space" wings and feathers are removed, the bulge of the body is extended, and the head and beak are condensed to a distorted oval top. Balanced on a slender conical footing, the figure's upward thrust is unregulated. Brancusi's captures the essence of flight and the essence of a bird. This sculpture is very smooth and aerodynamic, the way a birds wings lay against its body. It seems to have weight, and substantial volume, however it is also very powerful and very strong.

This version of "Bird in Space" is the first in a series of seven sculptures just like it. It was carved from marble and cast in bronze, and after it was smoothed and polished. I feel that this piece evokes feelings of hope, future and power, in its endless plight to leave earth.