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I decided to make presentation about how to make your business successful. At first I began to think about some effective methods how to do it but than I decided to talk about one specific and I think most important factors in determining whether a company succeeds or fails. And this factor is brand marketing.

What is brand marketing?

Branding is company's name, sign, symbol, design or a combination of them made for identifying the goods and other services of one seller or a group of sellers. Branding differentiates one company from another.

On the one hand all of the things connected to branding may not seem so important. But this is the wrong approach. The thing is that formula for success for every business company lies in customers. If we ask some people what do they pay attention to when choosing a product most of them will tell us that they don't care brand name or logo and that the most important is the quality of product. This is true up to a point. But there is one thing. Sometimes people don't realize themselves well what they pay attention to. Brand logo made by a clever manager can easily excite the curiosity of people.

Anyway, People actually pay attention to brands even if they don't approve that when asked.

On the one hand it's very hard to build a strong brand name.

It's the active process of discovering, developing and bringing the right image or identity of your company to the marketplace.

First of all, brand should

Suggest benefits of the product

Sugest product use

Indicate special features

Be easy to pronouncel, spell, remember and recognise

Be distinctive (brand should distinct it from competitors)

It can be said that Brand is the sum of the characteristics...