Branding: Choosing Company name, Logo, Slogan

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Today's world is full of aggressive advertising. Ads can be found everywhere, from Internet, radio, and TV to buses, or beaches.

Young entrepreneurs think that they will start a new business and succeed fast because they believe in their product.

Meanwhile, despite the good quality of the product, it sells below expectations.

Why is branding playing so important role in succeeding? What is branding? How can it influence the business?Key terms:1) Brand"A brand is a name, symbol or other feature that distinguishes a seller's goods or services in the marketplace"1Branding is being used to create and maintain a relationship between a company and society. It is creating a company's reputation.

2) Logo"Corporate logos are symbols, usually designed for easy recognition, that are used to represent companies. Indeed, logos are a ubiquitouspresence on a wide range of materials distributed or maintained by companies, including store signs, business cards, major equipment,stationery, marketing materials, packaging, uniforms, etc."23)

SloganSlogan is catch phrase used to promote the product or service and one of the key elements in a successful advertising campaign.

We can see three steps in creating a visual identification of the companyStep 1 - NAMEThe very first step of building a good identity is name, which the company will get. It should be easy to memorize and understand.

"Choosing a right company's name is important as it provides potential customers with information about the product and forms the impressionabout the company."3Naming, which is creating of a name is one of the key marketing elements. There are companies that working only on branding. Big companiespay big bucks for such a service because they understand its importance.

Step 2 - LOGOLogo is a visual symbol. Rules of building a logo are similar to the name: easy to recognition, gives impression. Plus, it has to be...