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Can Electricity be Differentiated etc.

Branding Electricity

Yes commodities like electricity, petrol, gas, water, food grains, fruit, milk etc. can be differentiated and branded.

In many countries this has already happened. As far as electricity is concerned a detailed market survey of the actual retails consumers, the mass consumers, the transmission & supply companies could reveal consumer preferences along which differentiation could be possible.

Broadly one may look at the following aspects for targeting segments along these lines.

1.) Retail Consumers a) Low income

Demographic b) Middle income

c) Higher income

2.) Geographic City / Rural

3.) Commercial Consumers Pvt., Govt., Office, Factories, Railways,

Electroplating, Aluminum Manufacturing

Cos., etc. Educational, Hospitals.

4.) Method of Generation Hydro Electric, Atomic, Gas, Oil, Coal,

Solar, Wind Power, etc.

5.) Nature & Reliability of For 24 hours, on full voltage without

Supply spikes - AC/DC Supply.

6.) Green or Eco Protective In methods of manufacture, supply,

Consciousness transmission use.

Use of power saving


7.) Billing practices Fair, Cheap, friendly after sales, no

extortionist add ons. Advance warning on

high billing, etc.

8.) Add on Services Advice as how to lower bills &

consumption fixtures, gadgets, & heat

insulations provision of invertors, electric

vehicle charging facilities.

Sharing date base of the customers.

Insurance cover for shock & fire hazards -

fixed cost consumption protocols.

Communication systems on the A/c wires -

Education of the younger children on

hazards of the environment, deforestation,

global warming, etc.

Reverse pricing, bonus for saving,

compensation for black outs etc.

The electric supply companies having mostly operated in a monopoly environment, have become almost blind to the possibility of approaching the various possible segments of the market differently.

The retail consumers' needs are different from that of the commercial. Among the retail consumers there are those who needs...