Branding Strategies.

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A company抯 brand is one of the most important yet least understood assets that it has.

Having a strong brand helps a company to build a lasting relationship with its consumers. This can help guarantee business for the future of the company. (Armstrong and Kolter, 2007 p.214) A company抯 goodwill, reputation, and brad name is the most valuable property a company can acquire over time. Branding is a powerful and strategic weapon for a company while distinguishing a company from its competitors. (Armstrong and Kolter, 2007 p.215)Many consumers find that they often become loyal to a specific brand over many years.

I have found that when shopping for diapers I am a loyal customer to Luvs. My infatuation with the Luvs brand of diapers began with their ability to hold my baby抯 leaks. I started out trying different brands such as Huggies and Pampers. After being so frustrated with my child having to wake up with her bed wet, I decided to try Luvs. They have an amazing ability to hold wetness like I抳e never seen before. My child can go to bed and stay sleep for ten hours. Her diaper will weigh about five pounds when she awakes, but it will not leak. Luvs also have something in it that keeps the moisture away from her skin, this helps with diaper rashes.

Luvs have used many strategies over the years to captivate its existing customers, while luring in a new market of customers. Some of these strategies are as follows:�76: The Luvs brand was introduced with help from an astronaut named Kenneth Buell.

�84-1987: Luvs introduced a thicker padding, baby pants, super baby pants, and extra large sizes. They also introduced a diaper that claimed to e so leak resistant that it works overnight.

�90-1991: Luvs Deluxe...