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Consumer behavior and brand preference are affected by consumer lifestyle. Customer encounter issue such as the increase of uncertainty about various product attribute when a product is bigger or better compared with other competitors. To differentiate a product from its competitors, the extrinsic and intrinsic must be taken into consideration. Brand plays many different roles in consumer decision process from the factor of psychological, sociological and economic. Brands influence on consumer behavior as it represents the valid means of identification of the consumer. Consumer tends to choose a brand that satisfied their self-actualization. The brands they choose reflect their own identity and when the society preferred certain brands, majority will shift their choices to the brand based on the social identity. A person's value, life vision, aesthetic style and life goal are reflected by individual lifestyle.


Lifestyle plays an important role in consumer behavior and brand preference, as brands had became consumer self-image.

Many companies focus on positioning their brand to fit the society's lifestyle. Brands represent the consumer identity and they seek for new ways to express their personal identity and self - expression. A study is conducted on the role of brands on consumer self expression and to highlight the possible implication.

In order to use brand to differentiate a company's product successfully, the characteristic of self-expression need to be in consideration to create and deliver a superior value to customers. Identity and lifestyle of the customer can be expressed based on the product brand customer are using, as brands plays a role in communicating the valuable information that can be use and perceived in many ways by consumer. Brand s are often use as a symbolic resources for the construction and maintenance of identity. Consumers are choosing brands that have the right meaning to their...