The brandt report

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The Brandt Report

In 1977, Robert McNamara (the president of the World Bank) calls upon Willy Brandt to be the head of the ?independent Commission for international development issues.? Brandt accepted this assignment. He assembled a group of international statesmen and leaders to take a close look at the failure of the global economy and the problems plaguing developing nations, the north-south commission. The Brandt Commission made a set of recommendations to governments, international agencies, and the global public. It proposed a restructuring of the global economy, along with a new approach to the problems of development, including an emergency program to eliminate poverty in developing nations. The report over two years to compile. On February 12, 1980 the Commission presents its "North-South Report" to the Secretary-General of the United Nations in New York. The Brandt Commission offered the international community a vision for balancing the creation of wealth with the provision of public services, anticipating new foundations for the future of civilization.

The Brand Report wanted a balance in developmental policies and demands that the countries of the South be integrated into the global Economic system. They expected this will bring about needed improvements in economic and social conditions in disadvantaged countries. They also wanted rich industrial countries of the North to share their means and power with the countries of the South. The Report contains a number of proposals for the reform and transformation of the world economic system. The Brandt Reports also called for prompt and urgent action for the poorest nations. The Brandt Commission proposed an international action program to provide for adequate housing, health and medical care, eradication of disease, increased availability of credit, support of industrialization, transportation and infrastructure. In addition, the Brandt Reports called for a massive 'transfer of resources' to...