Brave At Heart?

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Brave at Heart? Mel Gibson, a notoriously known actor for his good looks and witty personality starred and directed "Braveheart". In the late 13th Century, William Wallace (Mel Gibson) returns to Scotland after living away from his homeland for many years. The king of Scotland has died without an heir and the king of England, a ruthless pagan known as Edward the Longshanks, has seized the throne. Wallace becomes the leader of a weak yet courageous army determined to annihilate the greater English forces. Wallace's courage and passion unite his people in "Braveheart".

A story-like complex plot makes up this medieval action packed romance. The story follows Scotsman, William Wallace and his transition from peace-loving farmer to brutal leader of an aspiring nation's push for freedom. Life and death are put to the test of their worthiness. A story of men fighting for what they love and believe in and their willingness to sacrifice everything important to them.

As an adult Wallace goes back to his home village and falls in love. Longshanks declares prima nocte, which gives the nobles of the land sexual rights to a newly wed girl on the first night of her wedding. William, unwilling to let the nobles have sexual rights to his fiancé, marries her in secret. An English soldier attempts to rape Wallace's love and William assaults him causing an uproar in the clan, and the local Scots attack. The local magistrate attempts to draw Wallace into a trap by killing William's wife, but William ends up leading a riot that destroys the English nobles. This marks the beginning of a war between the Scottish nobles and people versus Longshanks. As a quest for freedom, Wallace led his countrymen against the English. Brilliant military strategy resulted in the gradual downfall...