From Brave Macbeth To Evil Villain. How Does Macbeth Become A Murderer.

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From Brave Macbeth to Evil Villain. How Does Macbeth Become A Murderer? William Shakespeare wrote the play Macbeth in August 1606. King James 1 had succeeded Elizabeth on the English throne. Before then, he had been King of Scotland. So Shakespeare is telling this story of one of Scotland's early kings in order to please James. The King, who was a patron of the arts, had doubled the amount of money paid to the playwright and actors for playing before the Court. Because of this, Shakespeare had a good reason to be grateful to him.

At the beginning of the play we find that Macbeth is a brave soldier which is why he defeats the rebels and the King of Norway. However after meeting the witches and the first prophecy coming true he betrays his country by Killing King Duncan and killing Banquo. He kills Banquo because he doesn't want the third prophecy to come true (He doesn't want Banquo's descendents to become king after himself).

However it isn't all Macbeth's fault, because if he hadn't have of met the witches he wouldn't have killed Duncan, so the witches played a major part in influencing him.

When William Shakespeare wrote the Macbeth, witches were able to speak with the devil. And with the Devil they could communicate with the dead and some could even see into the future. They could also make people fall ill with special spells and potions and kill people in an instant. The witches in Macbeth had all the characteristics as the witches at that time. The witches at that time could also see into the future which is why they could predict what would happen to Macbeth.

When the witches tell Macbeth about the prophecies he pays no attention to them until he is crowned...