Brave New World

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Aldous Huxley's dangerous view on the future will happen if not this decade then the next. He uses Lenina and Linda to illustrate drug abuse which is happening in reality. Likewise, he uses Mond to illustrate how mind control will end up if it gets into the wrong hands. Our society is coming to a point where horrible things are in the process of happening like physiological conditioning and recreational drug abuse to escape reality, just like in the World State.

Huxley in the shadows of Mond dictates that soma is without a doubt "Christianity with out tears." The drug as Huxley imagined "soma" is not present but instead drugs like Prozac, Paxii, and Serzone are doing the exact same thing. Mond says in "bnw" there is no sin, no unhappiness, and no restrictions. Unfortunately Mond couldn't be more incorrect. Sin is a part of life and without it, life wouldn't be the same.

"Twenty years from now, the extremes of what we now consider human experience are going to be considered human pathology, and will be capable of being modified," said Edward Bradley. Bradley is correct if we are able to alter our feelings with certain drugs, later on we will realize that it was pointless because we didn't live our lives as us, but as the drug.

Physiological conditioning is a terrible thing but Huxley, hiding behind Mond, says that future physiological control or conditioning will become a recreational act. "Take a holiday from reality whenever you like, and come back without so much as a headache or a mythology." This not only applies to soma but to physiological conditioning, If you are engineered to take soma; you will do it subconsciously. In reality the problem isn't soma; it is physiological conditioning. "Unsettling as it is to...