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The Crucible Essay In the book The Crucible the first conversation between John Proctor and Abigail in the first scene is very significant because of the feelings expressed among them. This conversation tells about the feelings that Abigail has towards John Proctor. However in this scene Abigail hears only words of anger and regret from him. John soon became a better man to the community and his wife after the affair with Abigail. John was always seen as a noble and loyal member of the community until the affair occurred. Even though he did not attend church along with the rest of the community, he still obeyed the rules of the church. Abigail is still in denial and believes that John Proctor has been in love with her and always will be. Not only is Abigail in denial; she also begins to act wicked and evil towards the people and the church.

She is not able to accept the fact that John does not want to have anything to do with her. Abigail tells him how "{she is} waitin' for {him} every night." John Proctor tries to stay away from Abigail, but he accidentally sees her as he is returning back home from the sight of Betty trying to fly away. He is approached by Abigail flirtatious words towards him. John wants nothing of this sort. He tries to walk away but Abigail continues to step in front of him and stay in the way of his path. She questions him about the love she wants to believe he has for her. He refuses to give in and speak soft words to her like she wants him too. Abigail becomes frustrated because she is only receiving negative attention from him so she begins to speak harsh words of his...