"Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley.

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Everyone wants to live in a society where they will always be happy and where the world is always perfect with no flaws, but to you, what would perfect be? In the novel, Brave New World, the World State is an imaginary place where babies are conditioned to be whatever we want them to be like and they grow according to specific plans that are thought out for them. There are identical ones, and different groups, but all of them are taught the same beliefs and most of them socially think alike. I think that this book deals with a lot of propaganda, not because it is trying to sell a product, but it is actually trying to make you give in to what they think would be perfect.

The World State brain-washes people when they use hypnopaedia. Hypnopaedia is a physical state that you are in when you are asleep and it tells you things to make your brain think true of.

Like in our day, what brain-washes us would be commercials we see everyday, we are just so use to them we don't notice it as much. Advertisements make you want to be a different and better person than you are. They tell us that you're never going to be perfect, and you need more and more to give you what you need. Like without the product, you just aren't good enough.

The directors wanted their "clones" to obey what they teach them and believe only what they hear from them. When John came to the World State everybody was to fascinated with what they saw because he was not their average type. John came from a reservation with parents and he learned from Shakespeare about love and how life is all about it. To the people...