"Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley- Small summaries of how 4 characters relate to 'the wild' With Quotes to backup

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Bernard MarxOne of the characteristics seen is that there is an underlying urge to want more and want to connect to nature, beyond what is currently available to you, and to want to feel all aspects. This can be see through Bernard Marx, who despite the conditioning given to him, still feels things such as anger, sadness and jealousy. This point is emphasised in the quote by Henry (referring to Bernard) in chapter 6, “Some men are almost rhinoceroses; they don’t respond properly to conditioning”Furthermore, human instinct to explore the extraordinary and nature present in the world is also present by Bernard, seen in the scene in which he has taken Lenina to the reservation, and he is amazed about true human nature. “what a wonderfully intimate relationship”Lenina CrowneShows human instinct to try and run away and escape from problems facing, rather than to try and deal with them head on, this can be seen in the reservation scene, in which Lenina feels lost without her “soma” to take her away from her current situation, seen through the repetition “I wish I had my soma”Furthermore, Lenina shows human desire to have what cant be had, in particular, this can be seen with Lenina’s fixation in wanting John to be intimate with her, having no real feeling for him herself, rather just intrigued that she hasn’t already had him yet.

John SavageThrough john, it could be seen how humans feel the need to find a kindred spirit in their existence, this can be seen in Chapter 12, in which John and Helmholtz begin to think they have found the connection they have been looking for, in which they can talk with each other.

Shows human nature, to get away from civilization and get into physical nature in order...