Brave New World:Comparison between the world state and the savage reservation,and which one is more akin to our own.

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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley portrays the future in which there are two very different worlds. The world state focuses on security, order and rank while the savage reservation is filled with nature and unrestrained knowledge. I believe that the savage reservation is more like our own world because the world state, although organized is too organized and too protected from the things that make us human. The savage reservation allows knowledge, literature and emotion like our world.

The world state is technologically advanced and very protected, mostly of knowledge. They don't have books, poetry, or a good understanding of the way the world had previously been. They are scientifically "created", not sexually. Doctors and scientists are the ones who decide what the people's purpose in life is. The people have no understanding of how to feel or act a certain way or free will. When of if they ever feel their natural emotions building up, they take a drug called soma that takes that awareness away.

They don't want to live any other way because they would never even be able to imagine living any other way.

The savage reservation is like our world today without technology. Every child is born to his parents and not scientifically created by doctors or scientists. Books and poetry like Shakespeare, which don't exist in the world state, are read in the reservation. In the world state the citizens are put into classes of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon and in the reservation the citizens are accepted not for what class they are in but for who they are and how they act. They have freedom and free will but have no system of security. Although they age and have illnesses they can still appreciate their lives in peace.

While the world state does have technology and order, there is too much of it. Although the world state doesn't have religion, every person has the right to free will. Just because human nature is forced out of the citizens of the new world, it doesn't mean that they don't need to be free. The only reason that they don't want to be free is because they don't know what is happening to them, what they could have and what freedom really is. They would probably be terrified of the idea of freedom but that is only because of their forced appreciation of the world they live in. Just like if the world we live in now would be turned upside down and changed into the world state, we would be afraid but eventually evolve into people who'd value it.

The savage reservation is more like our own world even if they don't have technology. They have human nature and act upon it, they are aware of their right to be free. They live their life the way we do in the fact that they are born to parents and die on their own, unlike the world state that cremates its citizens when they are too old to be of any use anymore. In the eyes of the world state's citizens, their world is perfect because they are forced to feel that way by hypnotism and by the fact that they don't know any other world. However, in the eyes of the savages, their world is better than the world state because they believe in the right of free will, and because it is human nature (which the world state's citizens are trained not to act upon) to want to be free, even if it may mean there's not enough security protecting them.