Brave New World --A Dystopian Society---

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Brave New World

A dystopian Society

In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, it is very clear that the society is based on dystopia. In this world it is like an imaginary place with cruel and unusual conditions. The living conditions, the new world itself and the people clearly illustrate a dystopian society; they all influence on the factors of making this society a dystopian society. The living conditions, limits a lot of the peoples choices and is set on hypnopaedia sayings; the place itself includes many places the people are sent to where factors influence in contributing to a dystopian society ; and the people who are classified by different castes. As a result of all these cruel factors this world has become very unpleasant and unfair.

In this new world the living conditions set forth are mainly based on hypnopaedia sayings listened to by the people as they grow up which limit a lot of there choices.

As the people of this society grow they are trained using hypnopaedia sayings to do as what the controllers of this society allow. In this world, in London, the Controller, Mustapha Mond is characterized as his "fordship". By fordship in this novel it is meant as a position of god. Hypnopaedia sayings are used as the people sleep and it is tape records that continuously play and get into peoples minds special commands. These commands are chosen and made by the controllers of this world. They include sayings that tell them what is right and what is wrong; what to like and what not to like; and what to do and what not to do. One of the hypnopaedia sayings "everyone belongs to everyone else" (35) mentioned by Lenina orders people to believe they are not for there own they are...