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The Differences between Brave New World and Our World Today How does an entire world change or even improve? The answer simply is that the world does not change but the people do. In the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the author writes about a world that uses drugs, has orgies and violates most self- values we have today. The book was written as merely a warning of how a world so defined and special with so many rights and privileges could change to become the opposite. I believe that the characteristics of each world make up the difference and similarities.

The Brave New World is comprised of many characteristics that make the world unique. One of the components is a Caste System in which every one is born into. The caste system has five different ranks starting with the most useful and intelligent Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon.

The people that are born in each caste have a predestined life and are issued to so certain responsibilities vital to the New World. The drug soma plays an important role in the New World. Soma is a drug in the New World that is very much like a sedative. The purpose of soma is to create and artificial pleasure in which all the people of the New World feed on. On last characteristic of the New World is the Hatchery in London. The people of the New World are born in the Hatchery where they experience a pre-destined fate. In the Hatchery, all of the people of the New World are born and put into castes which creates stability throughout the world. The Brave New World uses extreme methods to reach stability throughout the state.

In our world today there are a few important characteristics such...