Brave new world verse our world.

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Ed Bandemer


Our World or Brave New World?

It all happened to me when I was getting dressed in the locker room one day for hockey. The coach wasn't there on time, so a few of the guys started to clown around in the locker room. I mean I didn't care but, one pulled out a cigar and the other a bottle of vodka. Since, the coach wasn't there they wanted to get high or drunk before practice to make it more fun they explained. One of them finally asked me to take a hit of that stoogie and the other to take a swig of that drink. See in our world there are consequences for our actions when drugs and alcohol are involved, but in the Brave New World there isn't. Their world has no peer pressure or consequences because everyone is doing it. Our world is like being a hockey player with a coach, you have to do what they say or else you will pay.

In the Brave New World one can do drugs and drink, have sex, and have a direct purpose to their life.

In the Brave New World there are a lot of drugs that are being used. Their drugs were called soma. Soma was the drug that made your mind clear just like some drugs today. Unlike today's drugs, in the Brave New World there was no punishment for using them. If one was feeling down or just wanted to have some fun one would some soma.

With everyone getting "high" or "stoned" as some people would say. Usually when one used this drug one would have sex. In the book it tells the readers about how there was an "orgy-porgy". It had a little rhyme to it to "Orgy-Porgy, Ford...