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The speculative fiction, "Brave New world", written by Aldous Huxley in 1931. Tells of a future overwhelmed by technology and state control where people have no dignity, values, morals and emotions, a loss of humanity. Readers can recognize certain elements of their own world, as the world state in the fiction text can be recognised as simply an extreme version of our society. Through the narrative techniques of motifs, characterization, symbols, the readers can reflect certain values and attitudes of their own world in regards to religion, individuality, conformity, sex, the uses of technology to control society, and happiness vs truth.

The story is set six hundred years in the future, state controls and employs technology and drugs to maintain a Utopian society, one with identification of happiness as the ultimate goal. However, in this ideal society it must be maintained by "controllers". Society in the world state is determined by government.

They reproduce humans through the "Bokanovsky Process", which involves the surgical removal of ovaries. This process of cloning individuals means that there is no longer individuality within this perfect world, stripped of any individual characteristics. People have been brainwashed to accept certain values at an early age, in order to make society run smoothly man is simply "a cog in the wheel", in the words of the director "all conditioning aims at that: making people like their unescapable destiny". For example, sex is considered casual and proper, individual uses sex as commonly as a knife an fork. Johns undying love for Lenina and her inability to return such love drives him to suicide. The readers realize in an unjust utopian society it is impossible love (human instinct) and therefore strongly disagree to the manipulation that government has on individuals in the World State.

Drugs are used often, provided...