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The movie "Braveheart" is an epic based on Scottish independence for the fierce grips of English control. Mel Gibson directs and stars in this movie. The film also won five academy awards; including best picture, director, cinematography, makeup as well as sound effects. The major theme through out this movie is freedom and destiny. That one should always fight for what they believe in and nothing can stand in the way of love. Though sometimes far fetched, the intensity of emotion throughout the film helps the suspension of disbelief. The movie starts off with William Wallace, a commoner losing his brother and father to a battle against Edward Longshanks. After this he travels with his Uncle Argyle and then comes back to wed the love of his life, Murron. However the English King has instituted a law known as Prima Nocta (first night). This allowed a Lord to have the first night with any woman married on his land.

Because of such a rule, William is married in secret. However despite their secrecy their plots are ruined and Murron harms a guard who tried to force himself upon her (the sentence for which is her life). As she is tied up, William arrives too late to save his love. William Wallace leads the Scottish people to their freedom by bringing together the nobles and the comers in a battle. With help from Stephen of Ireland and his clans the fate all comes to one battle. Unfortunately Robert the Bruce, the lead contender for the crown betrays William which further leads to his torture and death. It is only after this great man has died that Robert comes to his senses and in the year of 1314 leads the Scottish revolution to its freedom.

It is because of all his...