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In order to fully appreciate a country such as Brazil, one must be fully knowledgeable of the many aspects of such a marvelous county. As a country, Brazil is slightly smaller than the continental United States, however, seems to capture a broad selection of cultures, which have developed from the original Portuguese empires domination and colonization to a developing economical super power. Within this cultural vignette I will cover the many aspects of Brazil, such as geography, political structure, demographics, history, economy, culture, and natural wonders found within its borders. By the end of this vignette, I am confidant that you will be on your one-way ticket to this marvelous paradise.

Brazil is located in Eastern South America bordering the Atlantic Ocean and borders every country in South America except Chile and Ecuador, yet is the only one that doesn't speak Spanish primarily. Due to the distance from the equator, the majority of the country enjoys a tropical climate, except the south, which is temperate.

In relation to the US, Brazil is slightly smaller in size (8,511,965 sq km). The terrain is mostly flat across the majority of it with rolling lowlands in the north. There are some plains, hills, and mountains within the country with waterfalls being a common view within the country. The countries natural resources include iron ore, manganese, bauxite, nickel, uranium, phosphates, tin, hydropower, gold, platinum, petroleum, and timber. Such resources make Brazil extremely rich in global trade and an ever-present power in the trade talks being held with developed nations. The improper mining of these resources has unfortunately lead to land degradation and water pollution, however, the government is beginning to regulate all environmental concerns more actively now than in the past. The country as a whole has the largest coastal region with the Atlantic...