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Government: In Brazil to have a gun it's illegal and to obtain one you would have to be engaged in a dangerous occupation or to be threatened with bodily harm. Beside that Brazilian Government require psychological test and the license can be issued only by the Federal Police. (I3) "The act to seduce virgin women under the age of eighteen 18 or above the age of fourteen 14 and have carnal intercourse with her taking advantages of her inexperience or justifiable confidence: Punishment: Imprisonment of 2 - 4 years."(I3) Public safety is protected by different agencies: the Federal Police, and the Federal Railroad Police, Civil Police, and Military Police. Level of drug trafficking in Brazil keep increasing and there was a dramatic increase in crime. They have two penal institution, which are correctional and detention. In Brazil there are 5,000 penal institutions and fifty-one are correctional, twenty-seven penitentiaries, six houses of custody and treatment, twelve agricultural colonies and six houses of correction.

(Rex A.Hudson, 1998)Education: Brazil is known by highly developed universities an education is valued.

Education is mandatory for ages seven to fourteen. Public education is free at all levels but private schools charge for their programs and only upper and middle classes attend those schools. Universities and Colleges are free except private. To attend college or university in Brazil they require entrance examination.

Some of the best Universities in Brazil include University of Sao Paulo, the Campinas State University and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. (Rex A.Hudson, 1998)Levels of Education:•2 to 3 yeas of primary schooling,•College 3-4 years and•University 4-5 years. (Rex A.Hudson, 1998)Middle school in Brazil is highs school in the United States, and high school in Brazil is college for them. Middle schools offer both academic and vocational training and secondary school prepares students for...