"the break of Dawn" a short story

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Strike of Dawn

Click! I strapped on my harness vest and disappeared into the spooky elevator shaft. I slowly repelled further and further down into the darkness and away from the faint glow of the yellow moon above. The squeaky sounds of the elevator operating made me frantic. Scrambling around in the pitch-black shaft, I finally found an opening. As I unfastened my crowbar from the snug place in my shirt pocket, I realized not only was I doing something illegal, but also if I was not careful, I could spend eternity in jail.

With all my strength, I pried the huge door open. The coast was clear. As silently as a tiger stalking its prey, I tip toed around the empty room hoping to be out quickly. I noticed a large shelf hanging on the wall, but nothing of any value lay there. There were many tables full of objects.

It was like playing "I Spy"

"Where is it?" I questioned impatiently while pacing back and forth. Then, just before I was about to give up, something glimmering caught my eye. There it was, the diamond of Atlantis. It was sitting behind a large piece of gold also found by pirates.

Tip, tap, tip, tap!

"Foot steps," I whispered in an extreme rush of panic. I instantly dove under the display table making my best effort not to be seen. The footsteps got closer and closer until at last they stopped. I knew curiosity killed the cat, but that wasn't going to stop me from taking a peek. I slowly popped my head out from under the table.

About three feet away from the entrance to the wooden door, a scary looking man with that evil looking body stood unaware of my presence. He crept around like a...