The Breakfast Club

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The Breakfast Club contained a wide variety of communication. Within this essay, the various types of communication and behaviors will be discussed. Key terms will be pointed out and highlighted, as well as described in relation to the examples extracted from the film. The character's included: Brian (brain), Andrew (athlete), John Bender (criminal), Claire (princess), and Allison (basketcase). I will concentrate on two characters through out the film. The first character is John Bender (criminal) and the second character is Claire (princess).

There are seven interpersonal communication skills that took place in the movie. They are the: dynamic process, inescapable, unrepeatable, irreversible, complicated, contextual, and governed by rules. I will be discussing these seven skills in the next few paragraphs.

The dynamic process was shown between Bender and Claire when Bender told Brian to close the door so they could get the prom queen impregnated. She gave him a dirty look, and turned back around.

He was expressing the action that he wanted to be done rather then the state of being. After that she told him,"Why don't you shut-up, nobody here is interested." She forced her opinion upon him that no one cares about what he say's. That is what dynamic process is all about.

The second skill is inescapable communication. There are many examples of this through out the beginning of the film. Bender invades Claire's comfort zone many times, which makes her answer back. If she didn't say anything, she would at least give non-verbal cues. In one scene, Claire states that he is just doing this to get a rise out of them, and to ignore him. He starts saying things about her and Andrew. She tried ignoring him but then she answered back,"Go to Hell!" She couldn't escape from communication.

The third skill is unrepeatable.