The Breakfast Club and the 80's.

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Whenever I am about to go view a 1980's film or any older film, I always bring with me certain assumptions. These assumptions are usually wrong and the older film usually impresses me.

Many popular movies of today are usually smothered with special effects and it's a common belief by many people that all these special effects make movies better. I can honestly say that I take that misconception with me as I start to watch older films, such as the breakfast club. I originally thought the movie might be worth seeing, but over all I subconsciously predetermine that the movie won't be as good as it could be because the special effects would be minimal. But, as I said above I am usually impressed by older movies because where they may not maximize special effects they make up for it with good acting.

This precarious balance of good acting and blow-your-mind special effects is really quite lopsided in today's films.

In some cases - not all - but some cases, the special effects of a movie can be great and impressive, but it's almost like their compensating for the crummy acting of the characters. The Breakfast Club didn't have crazy time wild shocking special effects but its acting and characters were very well developed and portrayed. The acting of each of the characters and their interactions with each other allowed us a glimpse into their specific insecurities. Through good acting we could see the story flow and the sublime flaws that each character possessed created the very plot of the story. Every character could feel the pressure of society around them and their parents pushing them into roles for their lives. The expectations of others had pasted each of these characters into some invisible mural of society to create...