'Breaking Down Growth' (hypotonics)

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'Science Project Final Paper'


'Breaking Down Growth' (reserve the right to change)


Biology (hypotonics)


To see whether added chemicals (nutrients) help to speed up seed



I feel that there are/should be certain things that could be added to

an 'unknown' plant to stimulate its growth.

I will be trying to add different amounts and kinds of fertilizers to

several different temperatures. If this experiment is successful, than we

should be able to tell which fertilizers/ nutrients/ stimulants to add to plants

to speed up growth.


The materials that I will be using (at least most of them) are listed

below. As you will see I have decided to use different types of plants/ seeds.

- 5 beans (kidney, pinto, etc.)

- at least 1-1 pint jar

- distilled water

- refrigerator

- several liquid plant fertilizers (5-10-15)

- 1- gallon plastic milk/ water jug

- any kind of felt marking pen masking tape

- paper towels

- 2+ straight sided drinking glasses

- 2+ sheets of black construction paper

- stapler

(The materials listed are for the experiment itself.

I reserve the right to add

other materials as needed as I go along, which will be noted.)

Control/ Variable:

-The controlled experiment shall be 1 or several plants grown without

fertilizer/ stimulation.

- The variable in this experiment shall be the many plants grown with

fertilizer/ stimulation.

Sources Used So Far:

- A+ Book of Biology for Science Fairs

- Microsoft Encarta 'CD' Encyclopedia

- Microsoft Bookshelf 'CD' Encyclopedia

- World Book 1994 Edition

- World Wide Web (Internet)--------(magazine articles, notations, etc.)


The design of my setup will be basically many plants. What I will be

doing is waiting for half of the plants I grow to be about 1 inch...