Breast Milk Or Baby Formula?

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Breast Milk or Baby Formula? Time and time again, producers appear more concerned with making money than they are with the well-being of their customers. One such producer is Nestle. They are notorious for promoting their baby formulas as a comparably safe alternative to breast-feeding. While their baby formulas appear safe, they are usually not the best choice for growing infants. Breast milk is the safest and healthiest choice for baby-feeding.

There are many reasons why breast milk is the best choice for infants. It contains just the right amount of fatty acids, lactose, water and amino acids that are necessary for proper human digestion, brain development, and growth (Williams 20). Breast-fed babies are also proven to have fewer reported ear infections, diarrhea, rashes, and allergies than bottle-fed babies (Williams 20). This is due to the transfer of antibodies from the mother to the infant. These antibodies help kill all sorts of bacteria and viruses.

Also, breast milk that comes straight from the breast is sterile, unlike formula, which may be contaminated by polluted water or dirty bottles. The mother?s milk also ?contains at least 100 ingredients not found in formula? (Williams 20). Plus, a baby can not be allergic to its mother?s milk, whereas a baby could have an allergic reaction to ingredients found in formula. Lastly, breast-feeding strengthens the baby?s jaw and promotes its development.

Breast-feeding is not only good for the infant physically, but also psychologically. Through the practice of breast-feeding, the infant and mother develop an emotional attachment to one another. The skin-to-skin contact also creates a sense of security for the baby. ?Nursing becomes more than a way to feed a baby, it?s a source of warmth and comfort? (Williams 21).

Breast-feeding her child also benefits the mother in a few ways. Because the...