This is a breif essay on what led up to the Bolshevick rev. in Russia. It begins with events in 1861 leading up to events 1917

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Russia was determined to modernize in a hurry due to their lagging technology and government. The Crimean War sped up the modernization of the lagging nation and eventually would lead to a reformed Russia. By 1917, with the help of Lenin and the Bolsheviks, Russia had gone through a communist revolution.

After the Russians were defeated in the Crimean War the modernization began. Serfdom was abolished in 1861 and local assemblies called Zemstvos were established. Along with these modernizations came industrialization and the growth of railroads, which boosted the economy. Although Russia was seemingly doing well they stumbled upon the Revolution of 1905 on one "Bloody Sunday." Although after the incident there was much worker uprising a constitutional monarchy remained with the help of middle-class moderates. But in the October Manifesto, Nicholas II was forced to pass the Duma, which granted full civil liberties and a popularly elected parliament. This was the first series of changes in the political, social, and economical patterns in Russia.

By 1917 Russia would undergo a series of steps that would lead to the Bolshevik revolution, starting with the decline of imperialistic government. Most Russians supported the war but as huge war losses were obvious more and more Russians began to dislike imperialistic ideas. The losses pointed at the weakness of the Tsar and eventually the Tsar abdicated. The Duma proclaimed a provisional government but then food shortages struck Russia. As problems continued the Provisional Government shared its power with the military. Petrograd Soviets Army Order No.1 placed military authority into the power of regular soldiers. Army discipline broke down and new ground for the Revolution was formed. Liberty was rapidly turning into anarchy and with this Lenin would take over. He believed revolution was necessary to destroy capitalism. He also believed that a Marxist...