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People have disapproved of anything different from them for as long as we can remember. From the Salem witch hunts to the civil rights movement of the 1960's we have grudgingly made pushes toward equality. Our nation as a whole is moving toward Thomas Jefferson's all too eloquent statement, "all men are created equal."

But, even with the progress we believe we've made in the past 40 years, we still have a distance to go in the issue of prejudice. People are a discriminating race, wanting to separate things different from one another, like a lion and a zebra. This discriminating nature however, has lead to segregation, lack of suffrage and many inhuman atrocities.

We still remember women not having the right to vote before 1920. It was a prejudice against their intelligence that they could not understand the current issues. Men based this "fact" in their (women's) lack of education.

Prior to the nineteenth amendment women received sub-par educations from men, or were not encouraged to pursue goals in lieu of starting a family and being a good housewife.

After this, prejudice brought about segregation in public places and facilities until the 1960's. Southern white Baptist men, calling themselves men of god, who'd been in power since reconstruction were enforcing civil segregation laws, often with brutal force. The prejudice against the color of a man's skin brought about another 100 years of oppression after the end of the Civil War. It was believed that African Americans were stealing jobs from underneath white American men. They (the oppressors) felt it easier to blame a group rather than the recession that was taking place.

Adolf Hitler's prejudice brought about 6 million + needless deaths. Adolf Hitler, like the southern Baptists here, thought it easier to blame a group for his country's...