A breif rant on religion and Hinduism.

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There is no faster way of blinding a man to the truth than a big dose of religion. Once a person becomes convince that a certain religion is the "true" religion, or if they are never given the chance to decide, their devotion to that religion will most likely never waver again; faith cannot be disproved, and so making any sort of argument against ones faith would be futile. What people want to believe, they will, and they will take the belief to the battle field and often to the death just to prove that they are faithful to their choice. Consequentially, religion also has wide ranging effects on society as a whole throughout its entire infrastructure. So much of this semester has been the study of religion; there are entire chapters on religion later in the book, of course, but even those sections tended not to really describe any religious aspects give the reader clues on the how's, why's, causes, and effects of belief.

Religion, if you think about it enough, is really nothing more than history with a little tradition thrown in for personalization. If we worship tombs of verse written by men or gods long ago fanatically each day, is it possible that centuries from now we may be read about in a book and become a religion ourselves? Someday, as the Greeks visualize Mount Olympus and the gods that dwelled there, perhaps a civilization will be worshiping the United States and its all mighty Americans. Far fetched? Of course, but the point is that history is people as well as the actions of people, and people and their actions make up religion. It is all interwoven into mess of human nature. I have really come to respect history and religion, and I thank all those teachers...