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Brian Lopes: The best Downhill Dual Slalom Racer Ever Downhill dual slalom mountain biking is a combination of BMX racing, Downhill Mountain biking, and freestyle dirt jumping. The course is like that of a slalom course for skiing, but instead of one racer racing against the best time, there are two racers who race head to head on the same course. Dual slalom is one of the fastest growing, and most watched mountain bike events today. Brain Lopes has been dominating this event for the past three years, by winning the world championships three years in a row. Brain Lopes is the best dual slalom in the short history of the sport, because of his extensive BMX and dirt jumping background.

Before racing Downhill Mountain biking, Brain Lopes was a celebrated BMX (bike Motocross) racer. He got bored with racing BMX bikes and decided to try something new, in the early 90's he exploded onto the Mountain bike scene.

He soon picked up sponsorship with bike giants Mongoose and Intense Frame Works. His skills in BMX racing soon became apparent, with his beautiful cornering techniques and car like acceleration.

An important part of Dual Slalom racing is jumping. Through out a course there can be up to 5 jumps. These jumps can make or break your run. Knowing how to jump is a very important, a skill Brian Lopes has mastered. He has a five-foot vertical bunny hop, which means he can get his tires 5 feet off the ground from standing still. Jumping is also a big part of BMX racing, where you can get an edge over an opponent by being able to jump faster, longer and higher.

Another edge Brian Lopes has over any competition is his bike. He now rides for Cannondale, a leader in bike technology, and a giant in the industry. Cannondale pours millions into researching and testing new ideas for bikes. Brian Lopes bike is one of the lightest, strongest, and stiffest bikes made for dual slalom racing. Cannondale also has more money set aside for their team members, so they get better training, and traveling conditions. Most companies can't afford to give much money to their teams, so they can't afford the best equipment and coaching.

Brian Lopes is the best dual slalom racers because of his BMX background, jumping skills, and leading technology and training opportunities. Other racers might be better if they had the benefit of being under Cannondale's wing, but it's hard for anyone to match up to the multitalented Brian Lopes.