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Brian Rose Period 7 DC Psychology January 16, 2003 Chapter 2 Take-home Essay test 1. Neurosis is maladaptive, repetitive, formed as a result of damned-up impulses in a restrictive environment. Anxiety causes this by causing too much stress on the ego from the super-ego or id. The ego has to spend too much time dealing with defense mechanisms and thus ties up large amounts of libido. Libido is the life-giving force according to Freud. The more that is tied up the less there is for life to continue in an organized way. Causing the person to become engulfed in their neurotic behaviors. This is caused by the anxiety put on the ego, because it has too fight continuously with the super-ego and id to keep them from having too much control. When the super-ego or id start to grow to the size of or bigger than the ego, there is major problems.

Such as anxiety causing neurotic behaviors. The cathexis of libidinal energy is tied up when there is anxiety put on the ego by the super-ego or the id. They are tied up by defense mechanisms that keep the libido from being released to give life-energy. The more libido tied up through cathexis the less life-energy. The anxiety is often suppressed into the unconscious mind. Dreams are a release of the anxiety through acting them out in dreams. Such as free association, hypnosis as well as transference. The first stage the oral stage can cause anxiety when, because of lack of food, suckling or cuddling you become oral fixated when these are suppressed into the unconscious causing libido to become tied up with the suppression of the fixation. The second stage is the anal stage, which causes anxiety due to suppressed of pressured potty training, or feeling shame for gratification of expulsion or retention of feces. The third stage the phallic stage causes anxiety when there is shame for masturbation. As well as the unconscious for males of castration anxiety, the Oedipus complex is also in the unconscious causing anxiety due to the fact boys have sexual feelings toward their mothers, which they can not fulfill due to their fathers. Females it is seen in penis envy, that is anxiety for lack of a penis. As well as incestuous feelings for their fathers, which causes anxiety due to not being able to follow through on the desires. In summation anxiety directly affects neurosis by causing to large of a strain on the ego, by enlarging either the super-ego or the id.

2. The men that I have liked or loved in my life are Preston, Mike, Ralph, and Scott. The women are Zhia, Chiara, and Terri. Preston is an extrovert who always wants to try new things meet new people travel the world, yet he can also be very cocky and arrogant. Mike is a good guy takes care of responsibilities, always on task, yet he is very anal retentive because he wants everything perfect. Ralph is smart, cunning and an all around good guy, but he is also very introverted and pessimistic. The last guy is Scott he is a hard-worker, nice and caring guy, his man downfall is he is messy and unorganized. Zhia is on task, very out going, yet lets every task bear her down. Chiara is outgoing, sweet and caring, but also tricky and cunning in a bad way. Terri is outgoing, a helpful person who always does anything you ask, yet she is messy and unorganized and forgets. I have mostly outgoing people who get done what needs too be done. But for the most part I know people who aren't like because they do whatever it takes to accomplish these things. The only difference between the sexes is that Ralph is introverted and all the woman are extroverts. The desirable characteristics of my parents come mainly in my mom who is outgoing, fun loving caring person, her only downfall would be that she lets small things bother her. My father I don't have a relationship with currently but as a child I saw him as demanding, arrogant, cocky and just useless, but I also looked up too him for his athletic ability and accomplishments, he was my idol. My mother i viewed in the same way for the most part except I didn't realize how every task beared down on her so much. My mother portrays all the qualities I enjoy in my friends, the one downfall of hers is even downfalls of other friends. My father is what I like least about most of my friends, he has many qualities that I dislike. Transference is where the patient brings up attitudes, ideas and physical characteristic of people in the patients past, they present this to the "blank screen" therapist. This allows them to be brought into current context so the therapist can bring understanding for the patient. I bring up people in my past and my present to see if I can see myself in them. As well as see where I learned to choose friends. I can transfer my feelings about those I love to examen my relationship with them. Transference gives you a way to bring up the past through other people. Allowing you to evaluate what went wrong in the relationship or what could cause it to go better. This should be very effective in marriage relationships, bringing forward the annoyances to see if u can deal with them for life or not. It could be very therapeutic, to allow you to vent with out blowing up at that person.