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Jane Yolen has bought new meaning to the world of the fairy tale in her novel "Briar Rose" in many ways. Appropriation and intertextuality is the main effective feature she uses. She does this by linking "Briar Rose" with the reality of the holocaust. She also creates real and effective characters in which play a large part in the sucess of the novel. Both these things contribute to the accomplishment of the novel.

Yolen has used appropriation in "Briar Rose" by linking the fantasy of "Sleeping Beauty" with the reality of the holocaust. The main example of this in this novel is the "Kiss of life". In the holocaust, Josef kisses Gemma, who had been gassed by the Nazi's, awake. This is in reference to the prince in "Sleeping Beauty" who kisses Sleeping Beauty awake- giving her the kiss of life. Another form of appropriation in this novel would be between the bad fairy and the angel of death.

The black fairy refers to the nazi's in the Holocaust, while the angel of death refers to the gas in which the nazi's used to kill the Jews and gypsies. The quote " i curse you, your father, mother, uncles, aunties and cousins refers to genocide in which a large group of people are killed.

The characters in which Yolen created came across as real and very effective in the novel. Gemma, having bright blue eyes and springy red hair was known as beautiful. This was important in the novel, because she was also known as a princess, and it was in relevence to Sleeping Beauty. Becca's character in the novel was insecure, and she came across as a girl rather than a women. Although in the end of the novel, after Becca has figured...