The Bride Price

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The Bride Price

By Buchi Emecheta

The story of Bride price took place in Africa (Nigeria). There was a girl called Aku-nna who is the main character in this story. She was born in freeborn family while Chike was born as the son of the slave family. All the consequences happened because of tradition, custom, superstition and barrier of one society. It is one of the love spatter fiction with a sad ending that was caused the forbidden of custom and tradition. So what are the persuasions that cause to this consequence? Here is the summary of the sequences.

Aku-nna, thirteen years old girl, lived in a family of four members whose father was an employee in the factory of building railway engines. And her mother, Ma Blackie, went to her hometown in Ibuza to ask for another children.

Aku-nna's brother , Nna-nndo, was eleven and was a tall boy in his age. Because of the war, Ezekiel Odia ( Aku-nna's father) was injured his leg. He never talks about it, but his wounded foot often swelled up, particularly during rainy season. And Aku-nna was informed about the dead of her father. It has always been like that; you lost your father, you lost everything. Your mother is only just a woman she cannot do anything for you. Several weeks had passed since the funeral of Ezekiel Odia. His wife, Ma Blackie, had returned to Lagos from Ibuza to find her husband already dead and buried. Life in Lagos was too expensive for fatherless family, so they decided to return to their hometown in Ibuza where Okonkwo, Ezekiel's elder brother lived. There was a tradition said that if husband died, the wife had to be his husband's brother's...