Bridgestone Benefits and Drivers Proposal

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Benefits and Drivers ProposalBridgestone/Firestone is a world leader in tires and some related technologies. Bridgestone/Firestone mission is to serve the society with a superior quality product becoming at the same time the most recognized and respected company by their customers. In an effort to enhance its core business units and to address its customers' needs and wants the company, Bridgestone/Firestone has decided to focus in becoming more innovated. Not only in the development of the services and product, but also with respect to their operations. Bridgestone/Firestone has decided to analyze and innovate their design and creativity support in order to achieve the organization's goals and objectives; meanwhile, identifying the internal and external drivers of the innovation process. The organization's visioning process will support the continuing implorations of its ethical beliefs and core values to ensure that they do in fact, support the innovation process.

Bridgestone / Firestone like their major competitors, is feeling the sting of lost sales do the tough economic times.

As the United States unemployment rate reaches 8.5% people are looking to ways to "stretch" their money. The American auto industry seeks government assistance to remain a viable, Bridgestone original equipment tire sales are also slowing, the competition for customers' heats up. (United States Department of Labor, 2009)Bridgestone as a brand has set a value in the products bearing the company name. The Bridgestone mission is to serve society with superior quality; this is done through a passion for the very best in technology, quality and service that is at the heart of the company's commitment to their customers no matter the location. Bridgestone's company goal is "To establish the status of being the undisputed world No. 1 tire and rubber company both in name and reality" (...