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tBridgestone as a company has been in existence since 1931. Over the years Bridgestone has continued to grow and become more diversified; with Bridgestone America's alone is now employing more then 53,000 teammates, with 53 production facilities. This type of growth could not be accomplished with out a solid company vision, mission, and continually generation new innovations to gain market share. The Bridgestone vision, mission, will be discussed along with the companies production strategies, and operating style.

In order for Bridgestone to fulfill the company mission of" "Serving society with superior quality" mandates an unending quest to create better products, materials, technologies and production methods to fulfill ever-changing customer requirements (Bridgestone, 2005). Bridgestone conducts research and development (R&D) globally in Tokyo (Japan), Akron (USA), Wuxi (China), and Rome (Italy) to best serve local and regional market needs. In 2005 Bridgestone spent a combined $673 million or 3% of total net sales on R&D.

As a means to ensure a consistent group-wide brand image in the tire portion of Bridgestone R&D in the tire segment operates on the fundamental aim of creating tires that deliver higher added value. Like other tire companies Bridgestone is continually seeking performance gains such as increased grip and durability, while producing tires that are more economical, safer, and easier to maintain. Bridgestone R&D are also continually striving to find ways to reduce the companies environmental impact, one such effort targets the technologies and processed involved in all aspects of the tire from production through use to disposal (Bridgestone, 2005).

In the Japanese markets R&D has developed an original asymmetrical design built into both the tires tread pattern and the shape, which enables the tires to accommodate even slight differences in the road surfaces resulting a smoother rider and greater steering responsiveness. The company has also completed...