Brief Analysis of Differences Between Catholicism and Anglicism

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Hypothesis:The Anglican Church's differences from the Catholic Church are based around the mythological dimension.

Ritual:The Anglican service is a ritual similar to that of the catholic mass. The Anglican service is a right of public worship just as the catholic mass. The Anglican service is run along the same lines as the catholic mass. During the service prayers are said and communion is received. When it is time for the offertory the main priest is normally assisted by another priest and altar boys. During the service the priests wear white vestments similar to those of the catholic priests. Unlike catholic priests, Anglican priest are allowed to get married and they are allowed to be womenOrigins:Just like the catholic mass the Anglican service has its origins in the last supper.

The service is done to remember Jesus and his disciples. During the last supper Jesus took the bread and wine and said "do this in memory of me" this is why communion is celebrated in the mass.

While Anglicans and Catholics share similar beliefs there are key differences.

Anglicans don't pray to Mary the mother of Jesus while Catholics do.

Catholics believe that Mary was a virgin and Jesus was her only son. In the Anglican religion it is believed that after Jesus was born Joseph and Mary had other sons and daughters, the brothers and sisters of Jesus. While Catholics believe that it is possible to pray to all the different saints, Anglicans only believe that you can pray to God - father, son and Holy Spirit. This is part of the mythological and doctrinal dimensions of each church.

Elements:The elements of an Anglican service are the same as that of the catholic mass.

Like the catholic mass the Anglican service can be conducted any where, though it is mainly...